What a Curl Girl Needs to Know!

What a Curl Girl Needs to Know! | Beauty Pieces

Curls can be a wonderful thing…they can also be a nightmare when trying to calm the frizzies and make your hair look magnificent. We’ve just found out about a new product line that will make you never want to turn back to the old ways of how you coped with your curls in the past! We will have you so thrilled to wake up every day excited to see how outrageously gorgeous your curls can be when they are properly nourished and hydrated by this fantastic new product line. You’ll be over the top with satisfaction when we describe to you how fabulous these products are.

 What every girl with curls wants is to have enviable curls that everyone can’t stop complimenting, a routine that takes less time yet provides your strands with bounce, shine and healthy moisture from natural ingredients found in superior products that are free from harsh chemicals that can dry out your curls and make them look out of control and frizzy faster than the environment.

Did you know that there are four types of curly hair? According to the Curl Experts at Ouidad, these four types have personality of their own. Which one are you? Look at how Master Artistic Educator for Ouidad, Chadwick Pendley, describes each type:

Loose Curls, with an array of textures, from subtle waves to soft, elongated S-pattern curls, the Loose Curl type needs light hydration, curl encouragement, and slight definition. Ouidad’s PlayCurl range does just that, while helping to achieve a lived in, carefree look.”

Classic Curls, are timeless twists and springy spirals that loop around again and again with bouncy body. They need targeted moisture to restore balance. Ouidad’s VitaCurl+ sends natural lipids to dry areas where curls need it the most, improving curl consistency, elasticity and bounce.”

Tight Curls, are corkscrew tight with buoyant bounce. Tight curls are compactly coiled, making for brilliant movement and show-stopping volume. When tight curls needs are met, they come to life and command attention like no other. There curls often need their hydration levels restored. Ouidad’s Curl Quencher range helps to create incredibly dynamic curls that are defined and soft, with incredible shine.”

Kinky Curls, are bold, beautiful, and naturally voluminous. The kinky curl is made up of thousands of Z-shaped strands. Kinky Curls, which are typically super coily, tight and springy, fail to absorb moisture, they can become dehydrated and fragile. Ouidad’s Curl Immersion range of products features reparative ingredients that enhance hair quality over time, and also make kinky curls silky with their very first use.”

We will feature all the products from each of the four curl types in future articles so you can decide which will work best for your hair type.

Let us start at the beginning with basics and tell you along the way just what awesome products we suggest from this new line we’ve picked up to offer you the best of the best in beauty products designed to nourish and strengthen your hair like never before. Once you’ve tried one or two of these products, you will be so pleased with the results that you’ll come back to try more products in this line. We looked everywhere and tested so many products to see what ones actually did what they advertised. The end results were amazing and each one pointed to this new line we are offering. Are you ready to change your curly hair routine and achieve some of the most gorgeous curls you’ve ever had in your life??? Well, enjoy this new experience from the beginning.

Because curly hair is so fragile and easily breakable, we first suggest that you get into the habit of using only a wide tooth comb to detangle your tresses. Starting at the bottom of your hair and gently working up to the crown is a much easier way to combat both tangles and out of control locks while preventing split ends and breakage. This takes a little bit of time and patience but once you have your locks detangled, you will find less broken strands in your hands and more on your head! It will be so much easier to style your hair and make it work for you. We recommend either the Wide Tooth Comb from the Ouidad curl experts.

Another thing to always remember is that brushes don’t work for curly girls. Curl experts warn that brushing disrupts the natural curl and ends up doing a number on your locks, frizzing out your hair and making it look totally out of control. Save the brushes for your straight hair friends.

We have the products you’ll love! We guarantee that you will see such a difference in the behavior of your hair that you will be crazy with excitement to share these awesome hair care products with all your “curlfriends.”

The first product we’d like to feature in this new line is the must have Ouidad’s Advanced Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel. This is one of our latest best sellers. Because humidity is one of the biggest nightmares for curly girls, no matter what curl type you claim, this super product helps tame the frizz that humidity causes. When humidity is at its highest level, it is absorbed into the cuticle that is exposed by the natural structure of the curl. This makes the strand of curl expand with unnecessary volume making the curl look undefined, dull and quite runaway frizzy.

Ouidad’s Advanced Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel is the perfect product that will help to prevent the humidity from entering the cuticle. Loaded with Wheat Proteins and styling polymers that form a weightless flexible lattice construction that will expand and hold the curl definition as heat or humidity is present. Included in this blend is a high-performance Anti-Frizz Nano Tech that is derived from silk and seals the cuticle to keep the moisture in that curls so desperately need while keeping the damaging humidity out. UV protection is also found to help fight against damage caused from environmental pollutants. Your curls will have a flexible hold that will not leave your hair sticky, heavy and brittle from dryness. Your curls will be perfectly defined no matter what the climate and amount of humidity.


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